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The Seagull

Rating: M
Length: 98 mins
Cast: Annette Bening, Saoirse Ronan, Corey Stoll, Elisabeth Moss, Mare Winningham, Jon Tenney, Michael Zegen, Glenn Fleshler, Billy Howle, Brian Dennehy
Session Times:

Mon 15th Oct: 10:30am  12:45pm  9:05pm  
Tue 16th Oct: 10:30am  12:45pm  6:15pm  
Wed 17th Oct: 10:30am  12:45pm  3:15pm  
Thu 18th Oct: 10:15am  
Fri 19th Oct: 10:15am  
Mon 22nd Oct: 10:15am  
Tue 23rd Oct: 10:15am  

One summer at a lakeside Russian estate, friends and family gather for a weekend in the countryside. While everyone is caught up in passionately loving someone who loves somebody else, a tragicomedy unfolds about art, fame, human folly, and the eternal desire to live a purposeful life.

Aristocratic actress Irina pays summer visits to her brother Sorin and her son Konstantin. On one occasion, her lover, the successful novelist Boris Trigorin, accompanies her. When Nina, a free and innocent girl who lives on a neighbouring estate, falls in love with Boris, he basks in her adulation, while Irina is shunned by Konstantin, who loves Nina. Meanwhile, Masha fights a battle with her own unrequited love.

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