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Top End Wedding

Rating: M
Length: 102 mins
Cast: Miranda Tapsell, Gwilym Lee, Ursula Yovich, Huw Higginson, Shari Sebbens, Kerry Fox
Session Times:

Tue 21st May: 10:30am  12:45pm  3:15pm  8:20pm  
Wed 22nd May: 10:30am  12:45pm  3:15pm  8:20pm  
Thu 23rd May: 10:30am  3:15pm  8:30pm  
Fri 24th May: 10:30am  3:15pm  8:30pm  
Sat 25th May: 10:40am  4:00pm  8:45pm  
Sun 26th May: 10:30am  8:15pm  
Mon 27th May: 10:30am  3:15pm  8:30pm  
Tue 28th May: 10:30am  3:15pm  8:30pm  
Wed 29th May: 10:30am  3:15pm  8:30pm  

A celebration of love, family and belonging, set against the spectacular natural beauty of the Northern Territory. This heartwarming romantic comedy tells the story of successful Adelaide lawyer Lauren and her fianc√© Ned. Engaged and in love, they have just ten days to pull off their dream top end wedding. First though, they need track down Lauren’s mother, who has gone AWOL somewhere in the Northern Territory.

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